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  • Kendyl Provost, Jr.

Q&A with 2022 Canadian big Enoch Boakye

This Q&A features Canadian big man Enoch Boakye of St. Jude’s Academy/George Harris Prep and class of 2022 prospect. We discuss his personal background as well as basketball background


Class: 2022

Age: 16 

Height: 6’10”

Wingspan: 7’2”

Weight: 240 

School/Prep Team: St. Jude’s Academy (Mississauga, Ontario), George Harris Prep: GHP

Last AAU Session: Canada Elite

Kendyl Provost, Jr. : How do you describe yourself as a player -- What’s your biggest strength?

Enoch Boakye: The way I describe myself as a player is a big man who can play like a guard. My biggest strength is my post game. It doesn’t matter how you play me; I’m either facing up or backing you down, always getting to the rim...

KP: I like how you show your development skill wise while also focusing on the fundamentals of being a big man. Playing inside then out. In what area do you feel you can improve upon?

EB: I feel like I can improve on my mid-range jump shot. If I can get that more consistent than it is now I will be unguardable...

KP: Speak about your FIBA experience as a part of Canada’s U16 squad -- What did you learn?

EB: My FIBA experience was amazing. I was able to get a feel as a pro basketball player. That was also the first time I was introduced to scouting reports, so it was an overall amazing experience...

PH: You’re definitely seen as a versatile type prospect -- Where do you see yourself fitting in the long-term positionally? 

EB: Where I see myself positionally long term is  Power Forward or Center...

KP: Right on…Tell us a bit about your background -- Where are you from, and are there any athletes in the family? 

EB: I’m from Ontario, but my parents are from Ghana. The only other former athlete in my family was my brother, and he was a basketball player at Sheridan College in Canada...

KP: What do you like to do off the court?

EB: Off the court, I just like to play video games with my friends. Games like Apex Legends, 2K, and Fortnite... 

KP: When did you first start playing basketball?

EB: I started playing basketball in the 5th grade but took it seriously in 7th grade...

KP: Is there anyone in particular that you like to model your game after?

EB: There are quite a few players who I watch to model my game after, but I like to take away from guys like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Shaquille O’Neal, Joel Embiid and Hakeem Olajuwon...

KP: When did you realize you may have a future in basketball?

EB: I realized I had a future in basketball when I was ranked the number 1 player in Canada for class of 2022 in the 9th grade...

KP: Let’s talk recruiting -- What schools have reached out with offers and interests?

EB: Michigan State, Houston, UCLA, Arizona, Oklahoma State, Denver, Western Kentucky, Texas A&M, and BYU have all offered me. Duke and Kentucky have shown interest...

KP: Lastly, do you have any goals set for this year?

EB: For this season I need to stay consistent on the court with my production because this is the first year where I’ve been able to start on my prep team and be seen as one of the top guys...

The Skinny: I came among Enoch Boakye after reviewing back on the FIBA U16 competition this past summer. I had not watched Canada yet and wanted to get a look at some of the top Canadian prospects. Boakye immediately popped on screen moving with visibly long arms and a massive frame and great fluidity that you don’t normally see in 16 year old big men, so I logged him in the database and began to evaluate. He’s raw but the best days are ahead for Boakye. He figures to have a national -- maybe even blueblood recruitment if he continues his current track.