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Notebook: Underclassmen from RCS Sports Season Opener

Houston, TX - The RCS Sports Season Opener brought some of the best high school basketball teams in the Greater Houston area.  Exciting, competitive basketball was exhibited throughout the weekend at the M.O. Campbell Center; games like Aldine Nimitz vs. Houston Christian, Aldine Davis vs. Sam Houston, Langham Creek vs. Summer Creek, Westbury Christian vs. Port Arthur Memorial, Dickinson vs. Beaumont United, and Hightower vs. Cy Creek.  Below are evaluations on some underclassmen to track

6-1 2022 Bryce Griggs, Hightower

- Built frame already with broad shoulders and long arms 

- Above average lateral quickness - Griggs used that frame to defend bigger players at the top of the key - Had some impressive moments staying parallel

- Very good shooter with comfortable release - Seemingly got his shot off from any vantage point - Griggs confidently steps into 35 footers and makes them 

- Has the feel for when and when not to take the DEEP threes

- Excellent shot maker - Can even be depended upon when you need to slow the game down in the post and has a soft touch around the basket - Just overall, a super polished scorer for his age

- Griggs is not a crazy athlete, but a good one - If his pull-up or first step is taken away, he has powerful legs that allow him to blow by with his second dribble

- Good passer and does not possess tunnel vision

Projection: High Major +

6-1 2022 Amaree Abram, Port Arthur Memorial

- Skinny, wiry frame - Would guess he weighs around 165 lbs, Does get pushed around but that’s to be expected

- Surprising open court athlete, boomed one on a fastbreak with a defender trailing but not going to finish above the rim in traffic at a high rate

- Shifty guard who has the ball on a string - Can also go with his right hand

- LEFTY - Good shooter as demonstrated at the FT line - Holds his own against length and athleticism, compensates with eurosteps and step-throughs, can finish with the wrong foot

- Advanced skill set but tries to do too much at times

- Defensively he wants smoke - Quick feet and disciplined, good hands

Projection: Mid Major-Up

6-3 2022 Wesley Yates III, Beaumont United

- Freshman who is already gaining experience with a high level program and making winning plays - Played key minutes down the stretch 

- Physically built, visibly long arms - Already a good defender, slides his feet well and stayed engaged seeing ball and man

- Commits mental mistakes at times, but nothing worrisome

- Is known to put the ball on the floor but role was a cutter/shooter - Somewhat elongated release on his jumper that may need tweaking but a very good shooter who gets proper rotation.

- Very intriguing prospect with good upside - Will have an increased role next year as there will be many departures from the program

- It may be early but Yates III has HM potential 

6-1 2022 Cam Amboree, Sam Houston

- Slight of build - Average to decent athlete

- Palpable instincts + reaction time defensively with great hands to match - However he’s not the strongest and is not a pest on-ball - Defense slips over time, ball-watches

- Streaky, but is generally a good shooter from anywhere on the floor - Rainbow 3’s, effective pull-up shooter, makes quite a few floaters with either hand

- Gravity really enables him to find the open man or drive by a defender - There is no sagging off on Amboree

- Executes lob passes very well - Cerebral guard prospect, expect schools to come calling soon as he develops strength and athleticism - After all he's still very young and baby-faced

Outlook: D1

6-2 2023 Kentrelle Royston, Aldine Nimitz

-  Quick guard with a strong handle with ball - Effective slasher who can finish above the rim

- Active hands and long wingspan (Arms were almost knee length) who utilizes his length well as a defender, significant potential as a point of attack defender

- Does not see the floor at a high level to this point, but optimistic that his feel for the game will come along 

- Overall a naturally talented guard prospect with a nice upside tail

6-7 2022 Terrance Arceneaux, Beaumont United

- Undeniable talent at the wing position - Appears to still be growing, Terrific athlete and gets off the floor with ease

- In other viewings has proved to be a solid shooter, capable of executing step backs but opts to show all the tricks in the bag too often - Took an ill-advised pump fake into a contested shot - Feel is still developing

- Timid and tends to float from time to time- Needs to find a way to get more engaged offensively

- Defensively he will need to get a better grasp of being in position, but there is much to like

- Arceneaux is a major tease, but when dialed in, he's an athletic wing who can handle, shoot, and defend - If you're willing to be patient with him he could develop into a good to great prospect - Best thing to do right now would definitely be keeping tabs on him

Outlook: D1

6-5 2023 Trealyn Porchia, Beaumont United

- Athletic, southpaw wing who’s equipped with awesome tools - At his best slashing inside, uncanny way about finishing but can do it at different angles because of length

- Brings value as a rim protector

- Ferrari Motor who makes hustle plays, does all the little things like boxing out 

- Did not see him shoot in game but looked solid in pre-game warmups

- Immense potential as a defender - As he continues to develop offensively, has the makings of a good college prospect